Rimas Driežis

Rimas Driežis was born in Alksniupiai (Radviliškis distr.), on November 2, 1959. In 1972-1979, he studied at the Fine Arts Division of Vilnius M. K. Čiurlionis Secondary School. In 1984, he graduated from Lithuanian Conservatoire where he had studied Television Directing. In 1984-1990, Rimas Driežis worked as a director and designer at the Vilnius theatre Lėlė. From 1986 to 1988, he provided consultations on puppet theatre and hosted a cycle of shows Puppet Theatre for Children at the Lithuanian Television. Driežis has been working at the Live Puppet Museum of the Vilnius theatre Lėlė since 2007. The artist has directed and staged various performances for the Lithuanian Television, Vilnius theatre Lėlė, Kaunas State Puppet Theatre as well as different other theatres. Also, Rimas Driežys has directed radio performances. In 2010, the director was granted the Culture and Arts Award established by the Government of Lithuania. His earlier works include, inter alia: Whatever Grandfather Does Will Be All Right (Lith.: Ką senelis padarys, viskas bus gerai) (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė), Recovery (Lith.: Pasveikimas) based on the play by Vydūnas (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė), Sigutė based on the motives of the works by Salomėja Nėris (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė), Silvester Fife (Lith.: Silvestras Dūdelė) by Antanas Gustaitis.



2000 Thumbelina (Lith.: Coliukė) by Nijolė Indriūnaitė (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2001 The Black Hen (Lith.: Juodoji višta) (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2003 Three Treasures (Lith.: Trys brangenybės) by Arnas Ališauskas (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2004 The King's Tale (Lith.: Karalių pasaka) based on the paintings by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2005 The Music Box (Lith.: Muzikinė dėžutė) by Nijolė Indriūnaitė (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2005 The Rabbit Revolt (Lith.: Kiškių sukilimas) by Kazys Binkis (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2005 Silvester Fife (Lith.: Silvestras Dūdelė) (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2006 The Boy from the Album (Lith.: Berniukas iš albumo) based on the book for children by Vytautė Žilinskaitė (Rzeszów Theatre Maska, Poland)

2007 Doctor Dolittle (Lith.: Daktaras Dolitlis) by Augustinas Gricius (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2011 Little Apple-Tree of Gold, Little Well of Wine (Lith.: Aukso obelėlė, vyno šulinėlis) based on the Lithuanian folk tale (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)

2014 Redeemer of the Sun (Lith.: Saulės vaduotojas) based on the work by Aldona Liobytė (Vilnius Theatre Lėlė)