Gytis Bernardas Padegimas

Gytis Bernardas Padegimas was born in Alytus, on February 17, 1952. In 1975, Padegimas completed his studies in Theatre Directing at Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Art in Moscow. In 1975-1980, he worked as a director at the Vilnius Youth Theatre, in 1980-1986, he was employed as a director at the Kaunas Drama Theatre, and in 1988-1993, he was a chief director of the Šiauliai Drama Theatre. During 1993-1999, Gytis Padegimas ran the Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre. The artist has given lectures at the Lithuanian Conservatoire, Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas and etc. In 1995-1998, he lectured at and ran the Higher School of Acting Arts under the Kaunas State Drama Theatre. Gytis Bernardas Padegimas has been giving lectures at the Klaipėda University since 1998. In 2010, he was granted the title of a Professor. Gytis Bernardas Padegimas has also staged performances in foreign theatres. In 2013, the director was granted the Culture and Arts Award established by the Government of Lithuania. His earlier works include, inter alia: Miss Julie (Swedish: Fröken Julie) by August Strindberg, Three Beloved (Lith.: Trys mylimos) by Žemaitė, Creditors (Swedish: Fordringsägare) by August Strindberg, Our Town by Thornton Wilder, Diary of a Madman (Russian: Записки сумасшедшего) by Nikolai Gogol, Žemaitė by Vidmantė Jasiukaitytė, The Long Christmas Dinner by Thornton Wilder.



2000 The Grand Joke (Lith.: Didysis pokštas) based on the works by Thomas Mann (Nida Thomas Mann Festival)

2000 The Colonel Bird (Bulgarian: Полковникът птица) by Hristo Boychev (Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre)

2000 Little Eyolf (Norwegian: Lille Eyolf) by Henrik Ibsen (Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre)

2000 Master Class by Terrence McNally (Theatre Džiugena)

2001 Formula (Lith.: Formulė) by Vanda Juknaitė (Theatre Skatuve, Riga, Latvia)

2001 The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Marting McDonagh (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2001 Formula (Lith.: Formulė) by Vanda Juknaitė (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2001 Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2002 Poet’s Orchard (Lith.: Poeto sodnas) (performance - live picture, Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum)

2003 Human Trial (Russian: Суд человеческий) by Vladimir Malyagin (Danish-Russian Theatre Dialog, Copenhagen, Denmark)

2003 Kipras, Fyodor and Others (Lith.: Kipras, Fiodoras ir kiti) by Giedrius Kuprevičius, Herkus Kunčius (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)

2004 Battue of Fire (Lith.: Ugnies medžioklė su varovais) by Giedrius Kuprevičius, Saulius Šaltenis, Leonidas Jacinevičius (Agency Tactus)

2006 Children of One Father (Lith.: Vieno tėvo vaikai) by Juozas Glinskis (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2006 Mindaugas by Justinas Marcinkevičius (Trakai Castle)

2007 The Mermaid (Lith.: Undinė) by Zita Bružaitė, Ramutė Skučaitė (Kaunas Castle)

2007 A Very Simple Story (Russian: Очень простая история) by Mariya Lado (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2008 The Mai by Marina Carr (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2008 Whatever Grandpa Does Will Turn Out Fine (Lith.: Ką senelis padarys, viskas bus gerai) based on the work by Vladimiras Konstantinovas (Klaipėda State Music Theatre)

2008 Battue of Fire (Lith.: Ugnies medžioklė su varovais) by Giedrius Kuprevičius, Saulius Šaltenis, Leonidas Jacinevičius (Theatre Domino)

2009 Easter (Swedish: Påsk) by August Strindberg (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2009 Pelléas and Mélisande (French: Pelléas et Mélisande) based on the opera by Claude Debussy (Klaipėda State Music Theatre)

2009 Bona Sforza. Farewell (Lith.: Bona Sforca. Atsisveikinimas) by Liucija Armonaitė (Kaunas Artist House)

2010 The Tiny Lingonberry (Lith.: Bruknelė) (Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre)

2011 JAH by Gytis Bernardas Padegimas (Kaunas State Drama Theatre)

2011 The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2012 Wonderful Tennessee by Brian Friel (Kaunas State Drama Theatre)

2012 Demons by Richard Everett (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2013 Top Girls (Unparalleled) (Lith.: Top Girls (Neprilygstamosios)) based on the work by Caryl Churchill (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2013 Offside (Lith.: Nuošaly) based on the work by Sigurdur Pálsson (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2014 Battue of Fire (Lith.: Ugnies medžioklė su varovais) by Giedrius Kuprevičius, Saulius Šaltenis, Leonidas Jacinevičius (Alytus City Theatre)

2015 Queen Louise (Lith.: Karalienė Luizė) based on the work by Arvydas Juozaitis (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2016 Stones in His Pockets based on the work by Marie Jones (Kaunas City Chamber Theatre)

2016 Rivers under the Earth based on the work by Thornton Wilder (Kaunas City Chamber Theatre)

2017 Alksniškės by Gytis Padegimas (Kaunas City Chamber Theatre)

2017 Philadelphia, Here I Come! based on the work by Brian Friel (Alytus City Theatre)

2017 Luther's Doors (Lith.: Liuterio durys) music by Giedrius Kuprevičius 

2018 Nocturne based on the work by Adam Rapp (Kaunas City Chamber Theatre)

2018 The Wind in the Willows (Lith.: Vėjas gluosniuose) based on the work by Algirdas Landsbergis (National Kaunas Drama Theatre)