Albertas Vidžiūnas

Albertas Vidžiūnas was born in Alytus, on August 29, 1977. In 1999, Albertas Vidžiūnas was awarded a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Sciences, Vilnius Pedagogical University. In 2005, he also completed his studies in Theatre Directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (the course of Jonas Vaitkus). Albertas Vidžiūnas was the head and director of the Student Theatre of the Vilnius Pedagogical University in 2002-2006. The artist has performed various roles both in theatre and films, has directed radio performances.



2003 Gwili and Punk (German: Gwili und Punk) by Christoph Meckel (State Youth Theatre)

2003 The Brothers Lionheart (Lith.: Broliai Liūtaširdžiai) by Jonas Vaitkus, Sigitas Geda (State Youth Theatre)

2004 Fish Shepherd (Lith.: Žuviaganys) by Rokas Radzevičius, Dainius Gintalas (Alytus Town Theatre)

2004 The Clouds by Aristophanes (Kaunas State Academic Drama Theatre)

2005 Dominykas the Horse in Love (Lith.: Arklio Dominyko meilė) by Vytautas V. Landsbergis (State Youth Theatre)

2005 Embrace Me (Lith.: Apkabink mane) (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2006 Mate (Lith.: Matas) by Herkus Kunčius (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre)

2007 Salomėja by Arvydas Juozaitis (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2008 00:45 According to Golding (Lith.: 00:45 pagal Goldingą) by Herkus Kunčius (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2009 Donor (Lith.: Donoras) music by Jonas Sakalauskas (independent creative group Operomania)

2009 A Summer’s Day (Norwegian: Ein sommars dag) by Jon Fosse (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2011 Highway Crossing (Lith.: Sankirta su pagrindiniu keliu) based on the play Highway Crossing, or the Tale of a Golden Fish (Estonian: Ristumine peateega ehk Muinasjutt kuldsest kalakesest) by Jaan Tätte (Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre)

2012 Heart in Vilnius (Lith.: Širdis Vilniuje) by Arvydas Juozaitis (with Jonas Vaitkus, State Youth Theatre)

2012 Zita the Mouse (Lith.: Zita - pelytė) based on the work by Vytautas V. Landsbergis (actor ensemble DEGAM)

2012 Love, Jazz and Devil (Lith.: Meilė, džiazas ir velnias) based on the work by Juozas Grušas (Panevėžys theatre Menas)

2013 He-Witch (Lith.: Raganius) based on the work by Vincas Krėvė (Panevėžys theatre Menas)

2015 EX'IT (Youth Musical Theatre)

2015 The American Dream based on the work by Upton Sinclair (Alytus City Theatre)

2016 Diary of a Bad Girl (Lith.: Blogos mergaitės dienoraštis) based on the work by Kristina Gudonytė (Panevėžys theatre Menas)

2016 The Hags (Lith.: Šiurpės)

2017 (No)Kids' Games (Lith.: (Ne)vaikų žaidimai) based on the work by Herkus Kunčius (Alytus City Theatre)

2018 Arena of Freedom (Lith.: Laisvės arena) based on the work by Herkus Kunčius (with Antanas Jasenka, Alytus City Theatre)