Ignas Jonynas

Ignas Jonynas was born in Kaunas, on February 21, 1971. In 1994, he was granted a Bachelor's Degree in Television Directing, and in 1995 - a Master's Degree in Drama Theatre Directing at Lithuanian Music Academy. Jonynas worked as the director at the State Youth Theatre in 1994-2008. Also, he has produced numerous feature films and commercials. His earlier works include, inter alia: The Shadow (Danish: Skyggen) by Hans Christian Andersen, The Overcoat (Russian: Шинель) by Nikolai Gogol, Cyrano based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. 



2001 The Making of B.-Movie by Albert Ostermaier (State Youth Theatre)

2002 Chronicles of Whole Days, Whole Nights (French: Chroniques des jours entiers, des nuits entières) by Xavier Durringer (State Youth Theatre)

2004 Caligula by Albert Camus (State Youth Theatre)

2006 The Life of Man (Russian: Жизнь человека) by Leonid Andreyev (State Youth Theatre)

2008 Lame Horses do not Gallop (Spanish: Los caballos cojos no trotan) by Luis del Val (State Youth Theatre)