Vytautas Balsys

Vytautas Balsys was born in Kaunas, on November 3, 1956. In 1974-1978, he studied the German Philology at Vilnius University, and in 1984, he graduated from Lithuanian State Conservatoire where he had studied Television Directing. In 1992, Vytautas Balsys finished the High Courses for Film Directors under the Lithuanian Conservatoire (the course of Vytautas Žalakevičius). In 1984-1990, he worked as a director for the Kaunas Drama Theatre and for the Lithuanian Radio and Television, the Kaunas programmes in 1990-2001. Vytautas Balsys was an art director as well as director of the Kaunas Small Theatre in 2001-2012. He has created numerous short and TV films. His earlier works include, inter alia: Erelnyčia by Juozas Marcinkevičius, Buried Child by Sam Shepard, Private Lives by Noël Coward, Horses - Patients based on the play Equus by Peter Shaffer.


Recent Theatre Works:

2001 Refined Lust (Lith.: Rafinuotas geismas) based on the play The Lover Harold Pinter (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2003 Pussy P (Lith.: Katytė P) based on the play The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2004 An Attempt at the Truth (German: Ein Versuch über die Wahrheit) by Tankred Dorst, Ursula Ehler (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2005 Mister K based on the play Mr. Kolpert (German: Herr Kolpert) by David Gieselmann (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2006 A Doll’s House (Norwegian: Et dukkehjem) by Henrik Ibsen (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2007 Pay and I'll Give (Lith.: Mokėk - duosiu) based on the play Hello, Life (Lith.: Labas, gyvenimas) by Gitana Gugevičiūtė (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2008 Blind Hen (Lith.: Akla višta) by Vytautas Balsys (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2009 Man in a Tree (Lith.: Žmogus medyje) by Vytautas Balsys (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2010 Favourite People (German: Lieblingsmenschen) by Laura de Weck (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2011 Gagarin Way by Gregory Burke (Kaunas Small Theatre)

2012 Sylvia (Lith.: Silvija) based on the play The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee (Kaunas State Theatre)

2017 Artificial Inspiration (Lith.: Dirbtinis įkvėpimas) by Vytautas Balsys (Kaunas Small Theatre)