Aidas Giniotis

Aidas Giniotis was born in Šiauliai, on November 17, 1964. In 1986, he completed his studies in the Mastery of Acting at Lithuanian State Conservatoire (the course of Irena Vaišytė). In 2005, Aidas Giniotis completed his Master studies in Directing (the course of Jonas Vaitkus). In 1986-1989 as well as since 2002, he has been giving lectures in the conservatoire (renamed to the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2004); has worked as the head of the Department of Acting and Directing; a professor (since 2014). He is one of the founders of the Odd Men Theatre (in 1989) and the theatre laboratory Open Circle (in 2006). Aidas Giniotis has been participating actively as an actor, director and composer both in the activities of the Odd Men Theatre and Open Circle. In 2010, the director was granted the Culture and Arts Award established by the Government of Lithuania. In 2016, Aidas Giniotis was also granted the Order for Merits to Lithuania (Cross of the Knight).



2000 The King Stag (Italian: Il Re Cervo) by Carlo Gozzi (Odd Men Theatre)

2000 Let’s Make an Opera! by Benjamin Britten (Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre)

2001 Goat (Lith.: Ožys) based on the play Georges Dandin or the Confounded Husband (French: George Dandin ou le Mari confondu) by Molière (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2001 Mushroom War and Peace (Lith.: Grybų karas ir taika) by Zita Bružaitė, Justinas Marcinkevičius (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)

2001 Rule No.1 or Dreaming of Vilnius Forbidden! (Lith.:  Taisyklė nr.1, arba Sapnuoti Vilnių draudžiama!) based on the musical revue Line 1 (German: Linie 1) by Volker Ludwig and Birger Heymann (Odd Men Theatre)

2002 The Last Town Musicians of Bremen (Lith.: Paskutiniai Brėmeno muzikantai) (Odd Men Theatre)

2002 The Curse of the Amber Room (German: Der Fluch des Bernsteinzimmers) by Raimar Neufeld (Theatre Dittchenbühne, Elmshorn, Germany)

2002 Herkus Mantas by Juozas Grušas (Theatre Dittchenbühne, Elmshorn, Germany)

2002 Marius and Miglė (Lith.: Marius ir Miglė) based on the musical play Max und Milli by Volker Ludwig and Birger Heymann (Odd Men Theatre)

2003 Tautkrūša based on the play People Annihilation (German: Volksvernichtung) by Werner Schwab (Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2003 The Death of a Jester or Who Killed Shakespeare (Lith.: Juokdario mirtis, arba Kas nužudė Šekspyrą) based on the works by William Shakespeare (Odd Men Theatre)

2004 Cabaret by John Kander, Fred Ebb, Joe Masteroff (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)

2004 The Reserve (Lith.: Rezervatas) by Gintaras Grajauskas (with Darius Meškauskas, Klaipėda Drama Theatre)

2004 Juzė Dykaduonis (State Youth Theatre)

2005 Open Circle (Theatre Laboratory, Arts Printing House)

2005 Love and Death in Verona (Lith.: Meilė ir mirtis Veronoje) by Kęstutis Antanėlis, Sigitas Geda (Odd Men Theatre)

2006 Princess Turandot (Italian: La Principessa Turandot) by Carlo Gozzi (Šiauliai Drama Theatre)

2006 Grandmother's Fairy Tale (Lith.: Senelės pasaka) based on the poem by Salomėja Nėris (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2007 The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh (dir. Vladas Bagdonas, Odd Men Theatre)

2007 Kiss Me, Kate by Cole Porter (Kaunas State Musical Theatre)

2007 The Winged Mathew (Lith.: Sparnuotasis Matas) based on the satirical poem by Kazys Binkis (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2008 Joseph and the Cloak of his Dreams (Lith.: Juozapas ir jo svajonių apsiaustas) (Odd Men Theatre)

2008 The Typists by Murray Schisgal (Odd Men Theatre)

2008 An Escape to Akropolis (Lith.: Pabėgimas į Akropolį) by Marija Korenkaitė (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2009 Mom's the Word by Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams (dir. Joana Čižauskaitė, Idioteatras)

2011 Summerfolk (Russian: Дачники) (Odd Men Theatre)

2011 Respected Citizens! based on the work Уважаемые граждане by Mikhail Zoshchenko (together with others, Odd Men Theatre)

2011 The Land of Rain (Lith.: Lietaus žemė) (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2011 Michael the Fisherman (Lith.: Mykolas Žvejas) (Odd Men Theatre)

2012 Mushroom War and Peace (Lith.: Grybų karas ir taika) based on the work by Justinas Marcinkevičius (Odd Men Theatre)

2013 About Love, War and Wood Sorrels (Lith.: Apie meilę, karą ir kiškio kopūstus) based on the work by Anna Sakse (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2013 The Love for Three Oranges (Italian: L'amore delle tre melarance) based on the work by Carlo Gozzi (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2014 About a Man who Killed a Swan (Lith.: Apie žmogų, nužudžiusį gulbę) (Theatre Laboratory Open Circle)

2015 The Raven (Italian: Il corvo) based on the work by Carlo Gozzi (Odd Men Theatre)

2015 Beep Beep (Lith.: Pyp Pyp) based on the work by Donald Bisset (Odd Men Theatre)

2016 In the Name of (Lith.: Vardan tos) based on the work by Petras Vaičiūnas (Šiauliai State Drama Theatre)

2016 Eddie Aggregate, or the Life and Death of Immortal Optimist (Lith.: Edis Agregatas, arba Nemirštančio optimisto gyvenimas ir mirtis) (Odd Men Theatre)

2017 The Grumbling Nobleman (Lith.: Bambeklis Bajoras) (Odd Men Theatre)

2018 Nut Bread (Lith.: Riešutų duona) based on the work by Saulius Šaltenis (Odd Men Theatre)