Sirenos Festival presents Lithuanian Theatre Showcase

2019 08 07
Actor Arūnas Sakalauskas in the performance
Actor Arūnas Sakalauskas in the performance "Fictions" by Adomas Juška. Photo by Laura Vansevičienė

Vilnius International Theatre Festival Sirenos, warning us about missing connections, presents Lithuanian Theatre Showcase which will introduce spectators to 13 Lithuanian performances. 16th Lithuanian programme, counting from the very beginning of the festival, along with the well known local artists will present “Young Voices” - seven performances by the representatives of the young generation of authors. 

Sirenos Festival, the first one to present Lithuanian Theatre Showcase and invite foreign stage experts to give it a closer look, has shown the best performances by Lithuanian directors during 15 years of thriving - majority of these performances became a part of the Golden Fund of Lithuanian Theater. Last year Eimuntas Nekrošius passed away - after such loss one comes to an understanding that today's theatre has stepped into the territory of crucial changes and metamorphoses. That's exactly why the new generation ascending the stage that we want to introduce this year is especially important. For some directors these performances are a debut, others have already created more than one and keep forming their own unique theatre language. So it's not a coincidence that Lithuanian Showcase will present several performances by Eimuntas Nekrošius apprentices”, - says Sirenos Lithuanian programme coordinator Agnė Pulokaitė.

Lithuanian Theatre Showcase performances will be shown on various Vilnius city stages during September 25-29. “It's a unique opportunity for our theatre lovers to see new, bold and innovative Lithuanian performances of the past two season in such short period of time. So the doors are open to everyone, not only foreign experts staying in Vilnius during the festival or potential creative partners”, - points out Agnė Pulokaitė.

16th Sirenos Lithuanian programme includes works by famous, multiple award-winning theatre makers. Tales from the Vienna Woods by the director Yana Ross (produced by Lithuanian State Youth Theatre), Liucia Skates by Oskaras Koršunovas (OKT / Vilnius City Theatre), The Physicists by Artūras Areima (Panevėžys city Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre), Every Brilliant Thing by Kiril Glušajev (Theatre KITAS KAMPAS), The Picture of Dorian Gray by Klaipėda born puppet theatre artist and director Gintarė Radvilavičiūtė (Vilnius Theatre LĖLĖ), dance performance The Door by this year's Golden Stage Cross Award winner, Norwegian director and choreographer Jo Strømgren (Lithuanian National Drama Theatre).

Lithuanian Theatre Showcase programme “Young Voices” presents several performances by Eimuntas Nekrošius apprentices - The Things by Paulius Markevičius (MMLAB, Art and Science Laboratory), Fictions by Adomas  Juška (Lithuanian State Youth Theatre) and 1+1=1 by Ieva Kaniušaitė (Meno Fortas Theatre).

“Young Voices” will also introduce spectators to a first-time Sirenos participant - Apeironas Theatre and its' production Stabat Mater by the director Eglė Kazickaitė. Boundaries of the genre will be crossed by the music and media performance This Order Goes Wrong (violin - Lora Kmieliauskaitė, composer - Dominykas Digimas, video - Kristijonas Dirsė and Kornelijus Jaroševičius, dramaturg - Rimantas Ribačiauskas), presented at the Arts Printing House as a part of the Open Space programme.

Not only a festival debut, but a professional stage debut as well - Freezing by Motiejus Ivanauskas, winner of the Balcony Occupation 2018 scenic sketch contest by Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Also, same contest Audience Choice Award winner - performance All That Is Earthly Bespeaks of Death (director Augtumas Danielius Harner, creative team: Jonas Golubovskis, Džiugas Grinys, Karolis Norvilas, Aurelijus Pocius).

This year's Sirenos Lithuanian Theatre Showcase first timers - Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre, Apeironas Theatre, Art and Science Laboratory, Improvisation Theatre Kitas kampas.

Regular and season tickets to Sirenos Festival International and Lithuanian programme performances are already on sale and can be purchased at Tiketa ticket office or online, on website.

The goal of SIRENOS Lithuanian Theatre Showcase is to create a dialogue between Lithuanian and foreign theatre, to analyse what's important to us and to creators abroad, as well as to invite and introduce various  theatre professionals to Lithuanian theatre, reveal our stage to international market and help establish potential creative partnerships. 16th Sirenos Festival will take place this year, from September 25 to October 13.